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There are always opportunities for those who wish to donate either time, goods or money.

Please consider giving generously so we can serve those who so selflessly served us with the most valuable gift of all – their lives. 

We appreciate every one who is willing to give of their time for our vets as well as the poor and needy both here and around the world.

Volunteers are always welcome Mon-Fri 9-2.

Special volunteer nights are also available, and if you have a group that would like to come and volunteer we can set up a special time for you.

Please contact our office to set up a time to volunteer.

Veterans Miracle Center

1573 West 39th St.
Erie, PA. 16506
(814) 796-4200




Please make checks payable to VMC and mail to:

 VMC Erie
1573 West 39th St
Erie, PA 16509
(814) 796-4200


 Pay for ongoing expenses of our existing office space and storefront, a retail-style PX store. 

 Locate 3,000 square feet of warehouse space needed to increase the storage capacity for furniture and additional household and clothing items for our veterans.

 Purchase a dock height box truck/lift gate for transportation of supplies from the warehouse to our storefront location.  This vehicle will also help to ease the cost associate with delivery of incoming new products.