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Clean Out Your Closets For a Cause

We are eager to announce a new way for businesses and individuals to help the Veterans Miracle Center become more self-sustaining.

“Clean out your Closets for a Cause” is a simple and efficient way for us to generate revenue to help run our organization.

Individuals will see some clothing bins around the city and county. We ask you to drop your slightly used shoes, purses, belts, clothes, hats, coats, toys etc. into the bins. These items will help us to continue to help our Veterans who deserve more then we can ever give them.

We would like to suggest that businesses have a “Clean Out Your Closet For a Cause” campaign within your work environment and have employees bring items into your businesses and then, once collected, have a volunteer bring them over to us at the Veterans Miracle Center at 1573 West 39th St. Erie, PA 16509.

One more way the Veterans Miracle Center is helping to lighten the load that so many of our veterans are carrying.

Thank your for your continued support.