Tribute to Our Heroes.

A Big Thank You to Maleno Custom Building & Real Estate

For collecting items for our deserving vets throughout the month of April.

Erie Gives

Every Wed Until Aug 29th

Bikes On The Bay - Erie, PA

Come on down to Rum Runners Wed night and enjoy some great weather, scenery, Music and take a chance at winning this Mobile Cooler along with a chance for a $6000.00 give away at Off Road Express. Drawing will be Aug 29th Last night for the Bike Night

We would like to thank Ebert G ” Bill ” Beeman for his generous donation of $1000.00 to The Veterans Miracle Center. It will be used to buy supplies for our Veterans / Military that have given so much for our FREEDOM so we can do the things we do.
Again Thank You Mr Beeman

I would like to thank everyone from the Fairview Legion Post 742 and Millcreek Legion Post 773 for their Wing contest. Myself and two other lucky guys were blessed to be the Judges and we sampled some great wings.
So thank you to Lori, Vern and the awesome cooks. They raised $818 for the VMCE

We wish to extend a hearty “Thank You”
for our community’s continued support.



It isn’t solely Veterans Miracle Center Erie assisting Veterans – local businesses, individuals, unions, non-profits and various Veteran organizations have joined hearts and hands to help provide basic life necessities to our men and women Veterans.  Many are low income Veterans who are struggling to provide for their families, or are disabled and in need of someone to offer a helping hand. 


A Veteran’s needs can be overwhelming. It is time to do everything we can to alleviate the stress and pressure on our Veterans.  By providing this help we believe we can lighten the load so many of them carry and offer guidance and assistance along the way. 


Telling it Like it Is


Veterans Miracle Center Erie provides humanitarian aid to our struggling men and women Veterans in the form of new clothing, hygiene products, housewares and more.  We also work with various Veterans organizations to assist the Veteran in need.


Were Here

“All gave some – some gave all.”  To you, a Veteran of the United States Military, these are not mere words but a reality.  To give yourself to defend and protect our nation cost you something – some paid the ultimate price, while others are left with broken bodies, a broken mind, or a broken heart.  The toll that war takes on a man echos far beyond the battlefield. We recognize the price you’ve paid then and now, and we sincerely thank you.  We thank you for what you’ve done for us, and now we’d like to give back to you.

Our service to you pales in comparison to the sacrifice you’ve made for the freedom we carry today, but it is our mission to see that Veterans and their families are recognized, cared for, and thriving.

 Veterans Miracle Center Erie provides Veterans assistance in the form of basic life necessities such as clothing, hygiene products, housewares and more to Homeless, at risk or low income men and women Veterans in Erie, Crawford, and Venango counties. To qualify for VMCE services, Veterans must provide proof of Veteran status and have a demonstrated need.  The products provided are new, and are provided at no cost to the Veteran.

How it works

To Qualify

To qualify for our program, Veterans must provide proof of Veteran status and have a demonstrated need.  The VMCE qualification guidelines makes the effort to ensure that all materials given are benefiting actual Veterans who are in need.  If you are a Veteran Service Organization or an accredited Service Officer and desire to volunteer time to help Veterans Miracle Center Erie qualify Veterans for our services, please contact us at (814) 796-4200.


VMCE provides basic life necessities such as clothing, hygiene products, housewares and more to Homeless, at risk or low income Veterans in Erie, Crawford, and Venango counties.

Proof of Veteran status is required by providing any of the following:

Form DD-214
Military ID
Documentation provided by the Erie VAMC Homeless Care Team
Proof of income



An appointment is required to come to Veterans Miracle Center Erie.  Once you have your proof of Veteran status or documentation from a referring Veteran organization, please contact us at (814) 796-4200 to make your appointment. 



During your appointment, we will review your need for basic necessities such as clothing, hygiene products, housewares and more.  You will have the opportunity to share your journey with us and pick up the items you need the most from the Veterans Miracle Center Exchange – at no cost to you.  YOU have already paid enough.



We are actively seeking donors, corporate sponsors and the partnership of other Veteran’s organizations to meet the needs of our Veterans.  Please consider giving generously so we can serve those who so selflessly served us with the most valuable gift of all – their lives.

Find Us

Veterans Miracle Center

1573 West 39th St.

Erie, PA. 16509
(814) 796-4200

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